Our approach to activism is holistic, collaborative and digital first:


We have just few years before is too late, so we need all projects with similar values to work together, approaching climate change from different angles.


We avoided for a long time to create Open For Future because we believed that there were already great projects out there in need for ethical hackers, so in the beginning we preferred to join them and share our skills.


While we will keep collaborating with projects, we realised some systemic problems: current climate activism is too dependent on external actors (media coverage, government action, social networks algorithms…), inefficient tools (mostly vertical and made to make profit) and voluntary based (high turnover, burnout, unaffordable…); ending up being too slow.

Our physical world is deeply connected to the digital world, to the point that several facts brought us to believe that acting in the digital space is the most efficient and scalable way to create the change we need to move towards a regenerative culture.

These are the projects in which we have contributed with our digital skills:

  • Fridays For Future Italia

    Fridays For Future Italia

    We’ve been an active part of the Fridays For Future movement since the very beginning: suggesting, teaching and implementing open technologies. Open standards are the natural choice for a movement with ecological values and its our political duty to promote open tools. Digital Strike During the lockdown we’ve built a “digital strike” experience for the […]

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  • Extinction Rebellion Italia

    Extinction Rebellion Italia

    The Extinction Rebellion global movement has several guidelines about how to handle activists data in a private and sustainable way but there’re still blind spots to cover: we contributed with our knowledge to build on top of that. Telegram channel The very first thing we did was suggesting to open the @xritaly Telegram channel, in […]

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  • Le Alternative

    Le Alternative

    This project is helping people to discover more open and/or privacy friendly alternatives and we’re actively promoting it in our articles and collaborating. Raising awareness about algo-bans Social media algorithms are, willingly or unwillingly, censuring climate activists. Promoting Climate Hacktivism Making activists aware of the political implications of open standards is part of our strategy, […]

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  • Ingegneria Senza Frontiere Italia

    Ingegneria Senza Frontiere Italia

    ISF Italia (Engineering Without Borders Italy) and Open For Future have common values: make people aware of problems hidden in the technologies and find solutions. Digital Impact ISF and Fridays For Future Italy organize a training and discussion meeting on the hidden impacts of digital technologies

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  • Devol


    Building an alternative communication infrastructure is a key piece of our strategy, that’s why we found it natural to create a partnership with Devol: an Italian collective which provides self-hosted services (Fediverse platforms and more…). FFF Italia on Mastodon.uno In order to reach a different target of people, mostly aware of the problems of Big […]

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  • Akasha Hub Barcelona

    Akasha Hub Barcelona

    Akasha Hub Barcelona actively supports Open For Future mission and deeply shares the values of decentralization. CLIMATE HACKTIVISM “Fighting climate change on the digital front” As activists, we use digital tools of mass communication on a daily basis (Fb pages, Ig or Tw profiles, YT channels, Telegram…), but what would happen if our accounts were […]

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