Fridays For Future Italia

We’ve been an active part of the Fridays For Future movement since the very beginning: suggesting, teaching and implementing open technologies. Open standards are the natural choice for a movement with ecological values and its our political duty to promote open tools.

Digital Strike

During the lockdown we’ve built a “digital strike” experience for the campaign “Ritorno Al Futuro” (Back To The Future) for Fridays For Future Italia.

Sustainable Website

We’ve created a partnership with BM Service in order to host our website on a zero cloud server and rebuilt the website from scratch with WordPress. A lot of work was needed to be done because FFF Italia was using Wix, a lock-in platform.

Digital Sustainability WG

A group of activists with tech skills decided to create a workgroup specialised on applying concept of sustainability to the digital space.

Mastodon + Peertube

We added Mastodon and Peertube to the broadcasting channels in order to reach privacy concerned activists and inspire people to discover the Fediverse: an ecosystem of open source social networks.

Peertube Streaming

As soon as Peertube was able to stream, with the version 3, we helped activists to use it in some live streamings, providing a more private alternative.


In order to provide an alternative to Facebook Events and integrate climate strike into the website, we created a new workflow for Italian FFF local groups. Now events are created on Mobilizon and they appear in the Italian website on Events and Map page, but also on