Who are we?


We’re coming from Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion, sharing their mission and values: climate and social justice, regenerative culture, non-violence

We also share part of their methodologies but with a digital first approach.


We recognize the political power of design and the principle that “code is law”, where few actors shape our society, solidifying inequalities.

To support activists and foster an equitable society, we must prioritize the development of ethical software.

Our Values

Time is running out!

The urgency of the climate crisis shapes our agenda. We seek pragmatic, fast, and scalable solutions. Utilizing the Internet and digital tools ethically can drive an exponential cultural shift.

Collective Intelligence

Open source, open protocols, open data, open hardware…but also open mind, open heart and open will are key assets to reshape a future based on collaboration.

Ego to Eco

Our bodies, hearts, and minds have been poisoned by an unsustainable way of living. We must prioritize healing ourselves before we can effectively build solutions.

Shared power and responsibility

While we begin as a centralized organization, our ultimate goal is to transition towards decentralization.

Our Actions


We make researches in the intersection between ecology and digital technologies, sharing our work in an accessible way.

Tech Support

We’re mostly helping climate activists from Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion. Aiming to sustain more projects in the future (es. ecovillages).


We focus on building bridges between people and projects with shared values.

Strategic Promotion

We create strategies to increase the adoption of open and privacy respectful software in order to reduce reality distortion (filter bubbles, lock-in, dark design patterns…).


We host events to raise awareness about our work, open tech and the imperative for greater efforts towards a more open future.

Ethical Software

We design and code digital tools from our experience as climate activists to empower the Social and Solidarity Economy.